Switching power supply mikrotik router

 Switching power supply mikrotik router

The circuit has been designed as a router switch power for mikrotik 

Because this type of router Is designed to work with AC voltage and the circuit’s personal

order Voltage 48 V DC input voltage that can

work because the device from 8 to 30V DC Accept that mostly works

with a transformer switching the power used but we are making 48 V DC to 29 V circuit

DC converter is a (Based on linear system) we solve this problem
Power can be switched telecommunications company Micro Tick

Launched with DC voltage

Technical specifications Switching power supply mikrotik

1 input voltage range of 30 V DC to 100 V DC,
2. The output voltage is 28 Volts DC
3. 200ma output current based on linear system (maximum 500 mA)
4. Use Protection circuitry to protect the input reverse connection
5. Use the Frame (now Spring) with high IP for lack of water and dust
6. Use the proper jacks for output
7. Use waterproof and removable jack for input
8-using heat to avoid overheating the device Singh
9. Use capacitors with low internal resistance (ESR low) to increase lifetime performance circuit

The figure below is an example of the telecommunications switch router with the show
Switching power supply mikrotik router

Switching power supply mikrotik router

A picture of the circuit with input and output jacks

mikrotik switching power supply

mikrotik switching power supply


Below you can see photos of this model with plastic frame

mikrotik power adapter

mikrotik power adapter

The company is capable of manufacturing various kinds of this type of converters in different frame sizes and

colors As well as the ability to build a variety of different voltages and currents are for a variety of telecommunication Svpych

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Switching power supply mikrotik router


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