Switching power supply 5V 40A

The switching power of a 5 V DC 40 amperes and 50 amps is a circuit that is a switching
power supply category In order to provide energy, the voltage and current are widely
used, with a major difference between the power supply and the trans

Power switching power of 5V 40A is one of the most common power available for use in
LED displays And the construction of a LED panel with a power of more than 200 watts
When designing this power supply, it’s important to note that if the source of switching
is continuous The problem works well without changing the voltage and output current
(unlike Chinese power that can not flow more than 20 amps)
Among the important features of this power supply are
. Input voltage of 170 V to 240 V with frequency 50 or 60 Hz
. Output current of 50 amps and 40 amps
– Optimized PCB design for panels
. Use the filter in the input circuit to remove noise
Using MOSFET with low drainage resistance
 Use of low output resistance capacitors
. Use of quality and original parts
. Use of DIP components for easy assembly
 Ability to adjust the output voltage between 4 to 6 volts
. Using a high and automatic fan that starts automatically when the flow is drained
. Using the Half-Bridge
. Ability to work at 50 ° C
. Constant-Voltage based fashion
. Good stability of the circuit output at 100 mV at full load

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Afshin Alizadeh also had a direct cooperation in the
design process of this project, and thanks to his help, Kamal thanked them

You can see the power supply screens below:

220v to 5v 40 a

















half brige converter
















smps circuit

ACS 5V 40 A
















Switching power supply 5V 40A




















۴۰a power switching- Switching power supply 5V 40A
۵V 40A Industrial-5V 40A metal SMPS CIRCUIT -Automatic fan power supply of 5 V 40A-


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