Laptop Charger with car cigarette lighters

laptop charger with car cigarette lighters

The company 90 years to produce the first version Laptop Charger with Jafndky car and released

Later, due to the import of Chinese steel laptop charger stopped

production and consumption Chinese steel demand is due to the low price

of this model of laptop charger, which unfortunately

Due to the use of poor-quality parts chargers Chinese cause a lot of problems,

including Current consumption too high or low battery

and the battery charger output fluctuations

Car and when the failure to mention the laptop battery.

But due to high demand from charging customers who use the company’s lack of consent.

(The charger on the market), the company decided to return this product to satisfy

Generate customer and after a few years succeeded in making this product
Quality was


Technically  laptop charger with car cigarette lighters

1- Input voltage between 8V DC to 30V DC Suitable for 12 and 24-volt batteries
2- DC output voltage 19.50  and fixed even before the low battery

3. Constant output power of 100 watts
4  constant-current output 5A moment 10amper (suitable for laptop charger)

5-topology used in this charger BUCK BOOST Synchronous with an high efficiency of over 92 percent 

6-use plastic mold with very high IP
7-usable for a variety of laptops available in the market.

8. Input cable for the connection to the car 

9--In Size 12 CM * 5.30CM * 3CM

10-in black and white case

In the photo you can see the charger with input and output jack

Laptop Charger with car cigarette lighters

Laptop Charger with car cigarette lighters

Photos of the product along with a laptop

laptop charger

laptop charger

photo of the charger circuit

price laptop charger

price laptop charger

Another photo

ausus laptop charger

ausus laptop charger

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