Production of Solar Charge Controller

Design and Production of Solar Charge Controller Voltage and current for solar panels and batteries for various

Design capability for batteries 6-8-12-24-48 VOLTS In various  POWER capacities design capabilities

And make of solar charge controller Metal and plastic bags circuit design capabilities in size according

to customer’s order Production of Solar Charge Controller

Fully Iranian Charge Controller

Charge Controller Features

1- has two fuses to protect the solar cell and overload protection licensed consumer

2- Automatic detection of battery charging model (12 or 24 volts)

The device has the capability to automatically detect the battery connected to it to the other user does

not need to be adjusted

3- Disconnect automatic filling battery if the battery is full charge

4- Consumer automatic disconnection if battery is empty

5- Ability to work for four different modes (on – auto – flashing – off )

6-max current in Two models 5 and 15 amperes and up to 30 amper

7-functionality solar cell device and batteries separately

8-equipped with flashing lights for streets and roads (requires a separate circuit for not flashing)

9- Ability to set off the automatic time in the night

10-have the memory to keep the situation if in all ports is disconnect

11- Protection against incorrect connection of the solar cell to cell polarity circuit

12- Equipped with state of the load  switches

13- protection circuit in overload

14- heat-resistant plastic frame

15-pwm algorithm methods for charging batteries

16-Use IC AVR  ATMEGA8 family in information processing

17- The use of quality components to extend the life of snakes

18-Use high power MOSFET And lack of relay 

19-Use capacitors with low ESR resistance

We hope we can design and build a solar charge controller is one of the country’s needs in this case we supply

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Production of Solar Charge Controller

Production of Solar Charge Controller

Production of Solar Charge Controller

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